Jan 28

‘No’ Trailer: The Revolution Will Now Be Advertised

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In the Little Red Book, Mao Zedong once wrote that “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”. However, what holds true in 1963 China doesn’t necessarily carry forward to Chile in 1988.

In this new Chilean film from director Pablo Larraín, Gael García Bernal plays a young ad man who’s hired to create an advertising campaign to oust General Pinochet in a referendum against his regime. Shot on video tape in a style that allows it to blend archive footage with newly dramatised scenes, No was one of 2012′s biggest festival hits, winning prizes in Cannes and an earning itself a nomination for Best Foreign Picture at next month’s Oscars.

While it’s set during one of the most notorious dictatorships in modern history, No has been lauded for both its pitch black humour and its unconventional approach to the political thriller genre. After all, in modern times, political power comes not from violence but from mastery of the media.

No will be in select cinemas from February 8

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