Jan 21

Michael Winner, 1935-2013

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LONDON – Film director, producer,  food critic, insurance pitchman and general bon vivant Michael Winner has passed away at the age of 77, his wife has confirmed. While to many younger generations, he was the man from the car insurance ad who condescendingly told women to ‘calm down’, to film fans he will always be the director of classic B-Movies like Scorpio with Burt Lancaster and the Death Wish films starring Charles Bronson.

Despite their uber-right wing approach to crime, his films were incredibly influential to modern cinema and the entire revenge genre. One could argue that without Death Wish, there would be no Taken or Django Unchained. In later life, he became known for his ‘Winner’s Dinners’ column in The Sunday Times, which were often defined by his “challenging” restaurant reviews.

In respectful tribute to this left-field renaissance man, please enjoy this ancient internet meme based on a scene from Death Wish 2 in which Charles Bronson shoots Laurence Fishburne right through the boombox.

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