Jan 08

Omnipresent actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt cast in yet another film

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One of the busiest men in Hollywood, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in no fewer than five studio features last year including Oscar contender Lincoln and blockbuster smash The Dark Knight Rises. On top of that, he also found some time to record delightful YouTube videos with Zooey Deschanel, host Saturday Night Live to great acclaim and run an online creative business that looks like a hippy commune for DJs.
In the first solid piece of news in quite some time, Gordon-Levitt today announced on twitter that he’ll be joining the cast of Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to Sin City.


Tentatively based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel A Dame to Kill For, the film is technically a prequel that will also see the return of a number of characters who were killed off in the original. It has been suggested that Gordon-Levitt will take a role originally offered to Johnny Depp, who is apparently now too old, busy, disinterested or crazy to act in things not directed by Tim Burton.

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