Jan 25

J.J. Abrams to ‘direct Star Wars’, consolidate power over all nerds

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After insisting on numerous occasions that he was definitely not going to be shooting the new Star Wars film, Alias creator J.J. Abrams will apparently now do exactly that. Having previously cited that his loyalty to the Star Trek franchise prevented him from going to the prom with Disney’s newly acquired Lucasfilm properties, he decided that he would in fact be bringing two girls to the end of year formal, like the rule-breaking stud he is.

According to TheWrap -who broke this story- Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy had been courting the Mission Impossible 3 director since the beginning of her tenure. Spokespeople from both Abrams’ company and Lucasfilm have refused to comment publicly on this matter, which means that the rumour is almost certainly true. The report also suggests that Ben Affleck was in contention, but negotiations apparently broke down when Kennedy refused to set the film in Boston.

Now with Abrams set to become the franchise king of world (his company Bad Robot will produce not only Star Trek movies, but Star Wars and Mission Impossible films as well), the guys who used to bully him in high school are expected to deliver their concession speeches this afternoon. In addition, the International Guild of Nerds has already kicked off plans to turn their tree houses into shrines for Abrams. For lo, he is now their one and only true god.

Source: TheWrap

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