Jan 29

Paul Giamatti in talks to play The Rhino in Spidey sequel

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Academy Award nominated actor Paul Giamatti is in talks to play a villain in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel starring Andrew Garfield. According to Hollywood trade paper Variety, the Win-Win star is being lined up as The Rhino, a bad guy whose mechanical animal costume gives him super-strength and a broad Brooklyn accent. While its unsure at this point whether the script will call for a less campy reboot of the character, Giamatti’s ability to play both comedy and drama would no doubt serve him well… even if he doesn’t manage to pack on the 400lbs of muscle required to fill his costume.

This wouldn’t be the first time Giamatti’s played either a villainous animal –lest we forget his turn as a covetous orangutan in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes–  but it does show a certain commitment to quality that director Marc Webb is turning to beloved character actors like Rhys Ifans and Mr Giamatti to fill out the supporting roles in his blockbuster franchise.

Astute film fans will have already made the connection between Giamatti and the spidey franchise: his Sideways co-star Thomas Haden Church played The Sandman in the odious Spider-Man 3. Is Marvel pillaging the entire cast of Alexander Payne’s 2004 wine drama?

Who will be next?

Sandra Oh as The Black Cat?

Virginia Madsen as The Hobgoblin?


[Source: Variety]

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