Jan 30

Entourage movie ‘almost has a script’

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In what was erroneously billed as an exciting exclusive by Deadline Hollywood, writer Doug Ellin is on the verge of finishing his first draft for the Entourage movie. Reported taking place six months after the series finale, the film will see Jeremy Piven‘s uber-agent Ari Gold in his new position as a studio chief. Devotees of the show will also get to catch up with Vinny Chase’s fictitious career; learn whether Turtle has blown his fortune; discover what Johnny Drama has done now to make his teeth look even more like chiclets; and see whether E is still letting himself get bullied by hot women.

Seemingly destined for a cinema near you, one has to beg the question of whether spinning-off a popular television show is such a good idea. After all, for every Inbetweeners movie you have ten Are You Being Served? films (in which they go on holiday to Spain… but the hotel’s not finished!). It will really boil down to whether anyone will want to pay six pounds (ten if you live in London) to go see a movie about dudes partying in a warm coastal town and having sex with young girls (oh wait… that is  the plot of The Inbetweeners).

But hey — if there’s one actor that can make this project work, surely it’s the star of Queen’s Boulevard!

[source: Deadline]


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