Jan 23

Rumour Cycle: Bradley Cooper to play Lance Armstrong?

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Just five days after Lance Armstrong shocked the world by confessing to things that the world knew months ago, J.J. Abrams is already said to be in the saddle to direct a film about his cheating ass. Based on the book ‘Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong’ by New York Times journalist Juliet Macur, Abrams’ movie will probably not be an favourable look at the most flagrant drugs cheat in the history of professional sport.

The first question that springs to mind is a matter of casting: who is going to play Lance Armstrong? Of course the obvious answer would be Matthew McConaughey who –like that cheating sack of crap, Lance Armstrong– is a fair-haired, athletic Texan. But he has also been good pals with Lance in the past, which means it’s unlikely he’ll work on a project to demolish what’s left of the man’s reputation.

But then you have Bradley Cooper, who has already publicly expressed an interest in the role, telling the BBC: “I would be interested in that …I think he’s fascinating. What a fascinating character.”

Even if this was just a simple comment made in response to a baited question and blown out of all proportions by the entertainment media, there is a  good chance that Cooper will be near the top of the producers’ wish list. Having spent the past year becoming a serious actor through sheer force of will, the Academy Award nominee for Silver Linings Playbook could easily find himself at the front of the pack, ahead of the usual suspects like Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale.

This is that assuming Abrams doesn’t get Lance to play himself. After all, he’s going to have a lot of free time now that he’s persona non grata in both professional sport and polite society.

Earlier reports suggested that Sony Pictures were on the verge of pedaling their own Armstrong biopic, with either Matt Damon of Jake Gyllenhaal playing a professional athlete who overcomes a potentially fatal disease to become the greatest cycling champion and cancer philanthropist of all time. But I guess they’re not making that movie anymore.

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