Jan 21

Batman’s rolling death-trap sold for £2.6 million

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In the first historical example of a middle-aged man purchasing an expensive car that will prevent him from ever having sex again, a 56 year-old logistics company owner from Arizona has recently paid US$4.2 million (£2.6 million) for the original Batmobile from the 1960s television series, Batman. Having outbid numerous competitors for the exclusive right to give women ‘the creeps’  just by driving past them, new owner Rick Champagne told reporters: “I really liked Batman growing up and I came here with the intention of buying the car… [this is] a dream come true.”

A modified Lincoln Futura concept car, the real-life Batmobile does not boast many of the features as seen on the TV show starring Adam West. It does not come complete with  Bat-tering Ram, Bat Smoke Screen, Emergency Bat-turn Lever, Bat Beam nor Batphone (although one could argue that mobile phones have rendered that last point moot).

On top of being a total turn-off for women aged 16-55, this motorised chastity belt is also incredibly dangerous to drive. With a curb weight of 4500 pounds, a 6.4 litre V8 engine, barbaric 1960s seat belts and rudimentary brakes, this car is lethal not only to mother Earth but also any driver foolish enough to buy it. On the bright side, road safety experts have suggested that Mr Champagne will die of embarrassment before he has any chance to accidentally plow into a bollard.

This isn’t the first time an iconic television car has gone up for sale: in 2007, one of the KITTs from Knight Rider was allegedly hawked for $150,000 by a man who spent ten years restoring it, presumably to the detriment of his personal life.


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