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“Who are you?” New Releases Monday 17th December 2012

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The Imposter
One of the year’s most acclaimed films, The Imposter has become something of a word-of-mouth sensation, grossing over £1 million at the UK box office. This might be chump change compared to what Skyfall pulled in but for a documentary film, this has become an enormous hit. It tells the story of a Texas family whose son vanished back in 1994. The investigation into his disappearance eventually dries up until the family receive notice that their boy has miraculously turned up in Spain. What happens next is something that something so unbelievable that you simply couldn’t make it up

The Man Inside
This gritty British drama sees Ashley Thomas (aka grime artist Bashy) play an up-and-coming boxer who’s trying hard to avoid the same fate as his abusive, homicidal father. blinkbox favourite Peter Mullan plays Thomas’ trainer while Michelle Ryan returns from her short-lived spell on American TV to play a recovering heroin addict. The Man Inside looks could be a decent film examining the complexities of nature-versus-nurture, but it’s also possible that writer/director Dan Turner has given in to the baser urges of British cinema and made another movie about poor kids stabbing each other. At the time of publishing, we hadn’t received a full copy of the film, so we don’t really know.

St. George’s Day
If there are two oversubscribed motifs in British films, it’s Cockney gangsters and football firms. Combining the two, St George’s Day sees a pair of gangster cousins forced to pull off a big heist in Berlin on the day England play Germany at football. Though this seems like a cookie cutter Brit-flick, its powerhouse cast (including Charles Dance, Dexter Fletcher, Vincent Regan and Sean Pertwee) makes this movie a very intriguing prospect.

When The Lights Went Out
Based on an infamous series of incidents from the 1970s, this supernatural horror allegedly recounts ‘the most violent poltergeist haunting in Europe’. (Is there a poltergeist governing body that ranks these things?) Starring Shaun of the Dead’s Kate Ashfield, the film tells the story of a family who movie into an estate in Pontefract, Yorkshire only to find that it is haunted by a physical apparition. It has flavours of The Exorcist and features a quality supporting cast including Scottish actors Martin Compston and Gary Lewis.

The Day
Starring Shannyn Sossamon, Shawn Ashmore and Dominic Monaghan, this post-apocalyptic horror sees an armed group of survivors under attack from mysterious predators. Made by WWE pictures, this is the first of their films not to feature a professional wrestler. However, they did retain the same writers, which is probably why Monaghan’s weapons of choice are folding chairs and aluminium ladders. (That last sentence may not be entirely true.)

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