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“Who Watches The Watch?” New Releases 27th December 2012

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The Watch
The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade takes on his first big Hollywood role alongside comic heavyweights Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. Serving as the self-appointed neighbourhood watch of an middle-class American town, the quartet finds themselves in over their heads when they discover an alien threat.  It’s been given a 15 certificate, so you can expect Vaughn and Hill to deliver the profane goods while Stiller plays another one of his uptight everymen. The Watch been compared to Attack the Block but with a  mainstream suburban slant:  so it’s Attack the Cul-de-Sac, if you will.

A Few Best Men
When an average English lad returns home from his backpacking holiday, his mates are surprised to find out that he’s engaged to be married. Cut to: Australia, where the lad collective get into all sorts of scrapes on the eve of the big day. From the trailer, we recognise many of the faces including Kevin Bishop, Kris Marshall from the BT ads, Rebel Wilson from Bridesmaids and Olivia Newton John, who is looking pretty good for a woman her age. The gang’s misadventures down under seem to involve gimp masks, Hitler moustaches, a decent stash of cocaine and a beloved family ram — pretty much an average night out in Basildon. The really strange thing however, is that the boys seem concerned about coming off as crass and uncouth in front of the Australian in-laws. As if any Aussie would be shocked by men getting drunk and naked at a wedding…

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