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“Frankie Says Lorax”: New Releases Monday 19th November 2012

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The LoraxBased on the beloved book by Dr Seuss, this film adaptation sees Danny DeVito voice the titular ‘guardian of the trees’ as he tries to stop the humans from exploiting his beloved forest. This 3D animated feature has everything you’ve come to expect from a Hollywood family film: kid-friendly jokes, exciting chases and a clear-cut moral message.  Throw in a couple of songs featuring The Hangover’s Ed Helms and you’ve got yourself a decent afternoon with your family in front of the telly!

Arthur ChristmasThe awkward son of Father Christmas, super-keen Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy) embarks on a magical adventure when Santa forgets to deliver one last gift! As with all their films, the men and women at Aardman Animation have packed this holiday gem with great visual gags and a touching story about the true meaning of Christmas in the modern age. Boasting an all-star cast and the same irreverent humour that made Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run such firm family favourites, Arthur Christmas should be at the top of this year’s wish list!

Lay the FavouriteBruce Willis puts in one of his best recent performances in this Las Vegas drama from High Fidelity director Stephen Frears. Ol’ Bruno plays a legendary gambler who employs and mentors Rebecca Hall, a beautiful young woman with a knack for picking winners. Whilst getting used to the ins and outs of the seedy gambling world, Hall gets caught up in a love rhombus with Willis, his trophy wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and Joshua Jackson’s charming hockey player paranormal investigator cub reporter.

The Ryder Cup 2012Set within the cloistered fences of Medinah Country Club, the official film of the Ryder Cup 2012 tells a sporting story so unbelievable it could only be true. Watch Europe get crushed by their American opponents on the first two days of the tournament! See the Yanks congratulating each other a full 24 hours before the end of the competition! Observe as their smug grins disappear once Team USA realise they’ve squandered a 10-6 lead on the last day, losing what was generally accepted to be a ‘done deal’! Even the most casual sports fan will love this movie: buy it now and relive the highs of our generation’s finest sporting year!

OffenderA violent and gritty revenge thriller, Offender sees a young working-class man enter the prison system in order to exact revenge on his girlfriend’s assailants. Shot with style and bone-crushing panache, this Brit-flick looks to distinguish itself from the waves of gangster films pouring out of London every year. Lead actor Joe Cole (not that one) has been marked-out as one of Britain’s fastest rising stars, so you’ll want to make sure you see him here first!

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old: Teabagging in the UKYou can say what you will about the Kevin Smith’s movies; but the man really knows how to talk. Along with his long-time friend Jason Mewes, he toured a handful of UK theatres earlier this year, answering audience questions and telling stories from Hollywood and beyond. Anyone who has seen Smith’s earlier Q&A DVDs will tell you how incredibly funny he is as a public speaker. This new release promises to be just as hilarious. Featuring THREE full shows and running at almost 4 full hours, J&SBGO:TitUK is nothing if not terrific value!

LightspeedOfficially titled Stan Lee’s Lightspeed, this made-for-TV movie looks like it could be one of the best awful movies in years. Judging by the trailer, it’s a thinly-veiled rip-off of The Flash starring Jason “Son of Bond” Connery as government agent Daniel Leight. Injured during a mission, he receives radiation treatments that allow him to run at super speeds! The visual effects look truly rubbish, as does the acting. There’s a reason why Connery isn’t the definite Robin Hood of his generation. We’re not lying when we say that we’re really quite excited about seeing Lightspeed: it looks so bad that it must be good! Invite your friends around, order a couple of pizzas and prepare to hurl abuse at the TV!

The Penguin KingThere is only one thing British people love more than cute animals, and that’s royalty. Combining those two things is this new documentary narrated by national treasure David Attenborough. Charting their journey from adolescence to adulthood, there are scenes of extreme adorableness as well as a few moments of true tension. If you’re a junkie for British natural history docs, (and who isn’t?) you’re going to love The Penguin King.

The Elf that Rescued ChristmasChristmas cheer keeps trickling into blinkbox! When a magical crystal which helps deliver presents to children around the world goes missing, one of Santa’s little helpers must save the day! This computer-animated film from Finland has plenty to keep the little ‘uns happy: bright colours, cheeky dialogue and an inexplicably Jamaican reindeer! If you want to get the holiday season started early, why not take a punt on this kid-friendly feature?

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