11 memorable movie cameos from sport stars

(image: Warner Bros.)

(image: Warner Bros.)

Sport stars turning up in movies isn’t anything new. Here are some of the best and worst of athlete cameos on the big screen.

1. Anna Kournikova in Me, Myself and Irene


(image: 20th Century Fox)

The former World #8 tennis player /pin-up briefly appears in this bawdy Jim Carrey comedy. She plays a motel manager and girlfriend to ‘Scooter’ (pictured above). Super random? Yes.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane!

Aboard an ill-fated flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, the lives of over 100 passengers lie in the hands of one indecent Captain and legendary LA Lakers Center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar– uh, I mean… co-pilot Roger Murdock.

3. Lewis Hamilton in Cars 2


(image: Disney/Pixar)

There are a litany of voice cameos from motorsport figures peppered throughout the Cars movies, including our very own World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who even sports a gap in what we assume is his grille.

4. John McEnroe in Mr Deeds

Newly minted millionaire Adam Sandler heads out on a wild night with Johnnie Mac, “the original bad boy of tennis”.

5. Dan Marino in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


(image: Warner Bros.)

On the hunt for the missing mascot of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins , Ace uncovers an insidious plot that involves a transgendered criminal, Super Bowl XVII, and the kidnap of Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino. Laces out!

6. David Beckham in Goal!

After his very first premiership goal for Newcastle, our hero just happens to bump into someone famous at the bar:


(image: Touchstone Pictures)

Contrary to popular belief, ol’ Golden Balls doesn’t appear at the end of Bend it Like Beckham. It was actually a lookalike!

7. Derek Jeter in The Other Guys

During a support group for New York cops, police detective Mark Wahlberg is forced to relive the moment he shot Yankees slugger Derek Jeter during the deciding game of the World Series. (Warning: language)

8. Eric Cantona in Looking for Eric


(image: Film4)

Poet. Philosopher. Legendary goal-scorer. Eric Cantona can now also add ‘actor’ to that list of acclaim after his performance as ‘Cantona’ in Ken Loach’s working class dramatic comedy, in which he (or a figment of him) mentors a depressed postie out of a serious emotional rut.

9. Sugar Ray Leonard in The Fighter


(image: The Weinstein Company)

In David O Russell’s sports biography, boxer Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) is being trained up by his older half-brother Dickie Eklund (Christian Bale), a burnt-out pugilist whose greatest achievement was to knock down Sugar Ray Leonard on live TV. But when Dickie bumps into the champ at a press event, Sugar Ray barely remembers or recognises him in his crack-ravaged state.

10. Lance Armstrong in Dodgeball


(image 20th Century Fox)

Remember when Lance Armstrong turned up at the end of Dodgeball and inspires Vince Vaughn? The champ reminds him that people can return from setbacks (like cancer) and still achieve amazing things (like winning the Tour de France four times in a row).

Lance, however, neglects to mention how it helps to win if you remain on a strict diet of PEDs and blood transfusions. And how it’s entirely alright for you to destroy the reputation of your friends with a smokescreen of lies designed to hide your own crimes. Why didn’t you tell him that, Lance? WHY?

11. Lawrence Taylor in The Waterboy

Few people in this country will recognise Taylor as one of the greatest linebackers in the history of American Football. They might, however, remember him from this scene in The Waterboy.

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